“Chris is one of the best voice directors in the game industry, period.”
David Perry (Founder Shiny Entertainment, Videogame Industry Veteran)

“I worked with Chris Borders on “Planescape: Torment”, the “Icewind Dale” series, and again on “Dark Alliance”, and aside from being incredibly easy to get along with, he made the dialogue directing experience a breeze each time. Chris displayed an excellent grasp of the character direction we were going for and the best candidates for the roles, and he had a superhuman power to remain professional during the worst crunch-times that Interplay had to offer. He makes scripts far better than their textual roots would seem to indicate, and I would gladly work with him in the future.”
Chris Avellone (Lead Designer with Obsidian Entertainment)

"Working with Chris and his team has been a true pleasure. Professionalism, courtesy and above all passion for the project shines through in his work with both clients and with the actors and engineers on the voice team. Chris has a great rapport and ease with both actors and developers and is able to confidently direct as well as asking pertinent questions about script and direction in order to get the absolute best performance for the game. His intuition for casting is second to none, and direction is spot on."
Rob Bridgett (Senior Audio Director Radical Entertainment)

“I've had the good fortune to work with any number of talented producer/directors in my 25 years as a Hollywood voice actor and Chris Borders is right at the top of my short list of favorites. Chris always makes the studio a relaxed, creative and just plain fun place to work, and I consider myself very lucky indeed to not only count him amongst my "work" friends, but a personal friend as well. I also know I'm just one of a whole buncha' folks who feel that way. Name the time and studio Chris, and I'm there!”

Rob Paulsen (actor)

"Chris is a great director--and a great guy, to boot.  He went out of his way to help me land my first voiceover agent." 
Patrick Seitz (actor)

“After 20 years of working with my colleague Chris Borders and Tikiman Productions,... I can honestly say that Chris is the best prepared game director and casting director in the business. Chris's professional break down and understanding of storylines, and facial directing ability, allows him to work on projects most competently...even when producers aren't present. Chris understands coverage. He gets a wide range of tones and colors from his actors. Chris has the acting vocabulary down and knows quite well how to coax the best reads... without beating up the talent or creating tension in the process. Speaking of process-- Chris backs up producers and writers by catching and correcting  problems with verbage, grammar and syntax which they may have missed.  This is especially helpful  with rushed scripts, script changes, and foreign language clients. Tikiman is that extra bit of insurance. When you are stressed... he'll be there covering the job. I've seen it...Finally, having worked on hundreds of titles myself-- and being one of the foremost game talents--  I can say Chris's greatest gift-- is his easy going style-- that makes it a pleasure... on both sides of the glass. Tikiman makes headaches go away. No blood on the carpets either.”
David Lodge (actor)

"I owe my career in video games to Chris Borders!"
Grey DeLisle (actress)

“Over the past several years, I have had the great pleasure to know and work with Chris Borders, on various projects.  Chris, has a passion and knowledge for the voice-over business, along with his open and warm personality, he takes the time to listen and discover new talent. The actors represented by CESD (who work with Chris) have the utmost respect for his direction, guidance, as well as, making them feel comfortable, to express their creative talents to the fullest.”
Cathey Lizzio (Agent with CESD Talent)

“Chris Borders is professional, efficient, pleasant and concise. He is always well prepared, a pleasure to work with, and makes our job easy.”
Natanya Rose and Kimberly Sklanowsky (Agents with DPN Talent Agency)

"I've had the good fortune to work with Chris Borders and Tikiman Productions for years.   I can honestly say that in all that time, Chris has always been one of the most pleasant, professional and helpful directors I've had the pleasure to work with.  My actors are always happy when they hear they have a session with him. He's one of the good guys"
Sandie Schnarr (Agent at AVO Talent)

“In my ten years of entertainment and videogame experience, I’ve found there’s nobody better to work with in audio direction than Chris Borders. He’s a consummate professional, efficient, friendly, and has a rapport with the cast that is second to none. When I have a recording session that needs the best, Chris Borders is the go-to guy.”
Joshua Ortega (Lead Writer with Microsoft Game Studios, and writer of “Gears of War 2”)

 “Lost Odyssey was an Xbox360 title that needed a LOT of voiceover work that was originally written in Japanese. I've worked with other VO directors that made me feel uneasy or let their pride come before the actual work I needed done. Chris was no such person and made me feel comfortable from the day I stepped into the sound booth. The chemistry Chris had with sound engineers and actors alone was priceless and Chris' skills in directing is absolutely top notch. There was a point where I had to return to Japan and had to supervise remotely, but I had no worries knowing everything was in Chris' hands. He's just one of those guys you can trust 100%, period. Would I recommend him? You bet I would!”
Roy Sato (Senior Animator with Digital Domain, formerly with Disney, Konami, and Square USA)

"Chris Borders and Tikiman Productions took all of the uncertainty out of a huge project with lots of moving parts. He's a been-there, done-that veteran, and I wouldn't hesitate to call on him again. Neither should you."
Frank Rogan (Senior producer - GameHouse.com)

“I've had the pleasure of working with Chris (and TikiMan Productions) for many years now.  I consider him a dear friend and respected colleague and am honored to have worked on so many fantastic projects together.  Games by their very nature can be a stressful recording situation for any voice actor, simply due to the sometimes extreme physical requirements.  Chris has a way of running a relaxed, comfortable session no matter what the requirements, yet he always manages to get a lot done - consistently extracting rich performances that we're all proud of.  I look forward to many more years of TikiMagic!!!!”
Steve Blum (actor)

“Chris Borders is the consummate professional and makes my job as an actor so easy! He sets the standard and the finished product is always of the highest quality! He's definitely the "GO TO" guy for all your projects!”
Susan Silo (actress)

"Chris Borders is a top-notch director.  I worked with him on GEARS OF WAR.  The specificity and clarity of his direction enabled me to deliver a nuanced performance with ease and confidence.  I can't wait to work with Chris again."
Nan McNamara (actress)

“I remember working with Chris on Mass Effect.  It was the kind of experience a voice actor hopes for - smooth, professional, but not without those little moments of levity that allow a session to fly by, especially when you're loaded down with copy.  I look forward to working with him in the future.”
Chris Edgerly (actor)

“In a business where reputation is all you really own, Tikiman should insure theirs with Lloyds of London. The policy would provide for honesty, fairness, trustworthiness, and professionalism. But then you really can’t put a price on those, which makes Tikiman’s reputation priceless.”
Cynthia McLean (Agent with SBV Talent)

"Whenever I work with Chris, it's an absolute pleasure.  His efficiency in communicating what he needs from an actor is exceptional. And his ability to do it with a smile and lots of positive energy, really does show in the final product.  He knows how to get the best performance from an actor without making it seem like work, and that's a rare talent."
Chris Cox (actor)

“I’ve worked with Chris and Tikiman productions for a number of years and he continues to be one of my favorite people to work with in the business.”
Tom Lawless (Agent with VOX Agency)

"Chris Borders and company are a joy to work with!  Chris never fails to provide a creative environment that inspires and brings out the best in actors.  He directs with a clear, sensitive vision and always leaves room for the collaborative effort.  I don't know a single actor who's worked with him who isn't a dedicated Borders fan!" 
Kath Soucie (actress)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Chris and his company on many games over the years.  He is the consummate pro in the way he treats voice actors, and his keen insight into characters, serves him well as a director.  Plus it doesn't hurt that he's a darn nice guy."
James Horan (actor)

"In my 25 years in this business, Chris Borders is one of the best guys to work with.”
John Mariano (actor)

“In working with Chris Borders and Tikiman productions over the past 15 years I have found he is always prepared, professional and as a director knows what he wants from talent and how to achieve it.”
Ed Mackay (actor)

“Chris Borders is one of the most organized directors I have ever worked with.  He is always on top of his game.  I couldn’t imagine doing what he does in the amount of time he does it in.”

Micaela Stepanovich (Agent with Solid Talent Agency)

"I have worked with Chris many times, while both at the same company and also with Tikiman. Every time we line up a project and get the script going we reach out to Chris to cast and direct our sessions. He is professional and handles the talent very well. He understands that all creative’s, writers, and actors work differently, and he always makes the effort to talk and direct to each party the way to get the most out of them. I look forward to my next project with Chris (tikiman) ."
John Melchior (CEO EL GUAPO PRODUCTIONS, Executive Producer - Vivendi Games and Fox Interactive

“I've had the pleasure of working with Chris on many occasions. He is a focused professional and has an ability to make everyone feel from the receptionist, client and talent, comfortable and imperative to the project.”
Jesse Corti (actor)

"Chris is one of the coolest directors! He's always Chill! Always knows how to have fun! But don't take that the wrong way....he always knows how to get the most out of me...in the quickest way possible, without ever making me feel uncomfortable."
Nika Futterman (actress)

“My Man CB....Chris Borders simply gitz the job done, he's like and old school Caddy " Smooth Ride!"
Lester Speight (actor)

“I had the pleasure to hire Chris into Interplay in the early 90's when he was a manager at a music store. Through his extreme hard work, dedication and talent, he quickly found himself a nitch in everything related to Dialog. Since then he's gathered many awards for "best dialog in a video-game". His skills have led him to become a highly sought after voice-director for video-games. Easy to work, nice and honest. I'm proud of chris' accomplishments, and would recommend him to any production looking for high quality directing and casting work.”
Charles Deenen (Audio Director for Electronic Arts Vancouver Studios)

I have worked with Chris Borders and TikiMan Productions on many projects. And I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Besides being a truly great guy, he's always been very efficient, organized, on-time and reliable. And did I mention he's a really great guy. Cause, he is. :)"
Kim Mai (actress)

“As a voice talent, it is an immense pleasure to work with Chris.  He's a terrific director; he's clear and concise, very respectful of  the VO talent and their abilities and always approaches the work with humor and the understanding that what we all do for a living is a privilege. He's always allowed me to participate with more than just my voice, but as well, with my ideas and perspective on the characters I've played. It's always a tremendously professional and enjoyable experience to work together.”
Jeannie Elias (actress)

“I have done many projects for Chris Borders and his company TikiMan Productions. Chris is truly one of the best directors around and it's always a great pleasure working with him.  I always look forward to working with him.  He always brings out the best performance in me and he's always a joy to work with.  He is excellent at his work and always does a fantastic job. I highly recommend him and his company.
Richard Epcar (actor)

"I have worked beside Chris Borders for over five years now as a video cameraman, filming b-roll for his sessions . I get to intimately see the recording room dynamics that create either a great or mediocre voicover session. Having observed Chris in many sessions over the years I can testify to Chris's abilities. He is always prepared. He understands the subtle dramatic ark of each of his characters' personas. His directions are easily understood by the talent which results in sessions getting done on time and most importantly with great results. If Chris is directing the session you are in "good hands".
Tom Myrdahl (Director and Cameraman for Media Arts)

"Having Chris handling the VO on both our internal and external games at Black Isle Studios meant that I didn't have to worry about VO at all.   Chris always made sure it got done and the quality of it made sure that the press talked about it in the reviews of our games." 
Feargus Urquhart (CEO – Obsidian Entertainment)

“As a director, CHRIS is always clear and precise. and most importantly, creative. He knows what his client is looking for and how to get it from his actors always a pleasure to work with!”
Cam Clark (actor)

"For over a decade, I've had the pleasure of teaming up with Chris Borders on various interactive projects, both as casting and dialog directors.  I couldn't have a more knowledgeable, savvy, and professional partner in this challenging business."
Ginny McSwain (Voice Over Director and Contractor for TikiMan Productions)

“Chris Borders, is incredibly knowledgeable of the genre, a gentle but persistent director, makes me work really hard, which makes the session wonderfully rewarding, and I would cross continents to work with him!!” 
Carolyn Seymour (actress)

“As a voice actor, working with a director like Chris is a pleasure.  He's clever, insightful, and he always knows how to get a client-pleasing performance from his actors.  His sessions are always creative, respectful, and fun.  No wonder we're all clamoring to work with him.”
Christopher Smith (actor)

“I worked on Mass Effect 1 & 2 and “Dragon Age: Origins” with Chris.  His experience on large projects is unparalleled in the video game business.  He’s a pleasure to work with and creates a positive environment in the studio.  If he’s casting and directing on a game, I know it’s going to be great!”
Elliot Anders (Professional Voiceover Recording Engineer and Editor)

“Throughout my almost 3 years at William Morris Endeavor, Chris Borders has always been very accommodating and helpful to me and our voiceover clients.  It's always a pleasure working with Chris and I look forward to many more fruitful experiences throughout the years to come!
Izzy Arias (Office of Tim Curtis - William Morris Endeavor Entertainment)

“Chris Borders knows how to elicit subtle innuendo from dwarves.  He can make his actors to die repeatedly in ways we never imagined possible.   And he is one of the few directors who can tell the difference between a Nuremberg dialect and a Berlin dialect.  Chris Borders brings authenticity to fantasy.”
Eliza Jane Schneider (actress - dialectologist)

"Chris Borders is simply a cool cat to work with! I always look forward to my sessions with him and his team."
Gwendoline Yeo (actress)

“Just a note to say how much I've enjoyed working with you and the Tikiman crew on Dragon Age: Origins” and Mass Effect 2!”
Robin Sachs (actor)

“Chris is my go-to guy.  He’s thorough and very well-prepared.  I can always count on him to be right on top of the situation no matter how big the project.  I wish more casting directors could be like him!”
Melanie Thomas (Agent - Abrams Artists Agency)




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